Collecting your scrap car

Collecting Your Scrap Car

Scrapping your car with Vehicle Dismantlers ltd couldn’t be easier. We can easily arrange a convenient time and place for us to collect your vehicle free of charge. You can do this by filing in our enquiry from which requires your vehicle details and some personal details. This will then be directed to one of Vehicle Dismantlers team members who will give you a call to offer you the very best price.

When our collection agent comes out to collect your vehicle, they will be able to help organise the DVLA paperwork out with no hidden admin fees. All the paper work, V5C, Mot certificated and any handbooks should be handed over to the agent. The V5C/3 (yellow slip) we be filled out and signed by yourself and the agent which then needs to be sent off to DVLA Swansea, this transfers the ownership over to Vehicle Dismantlers Ltd. This is a legal requirement which states that ownership of the vehicle has now been transferred and that you have no further legal responsibility for it. It is important that you send this portion off within 7 days. Vehicle Dismantlers Ltd are fully regulated under the crap metal dealers act 2013, which means now that cash can no longer be paid for scrap cars. Therefore we can either take your bank details and process a bank transfer or make payment by cheque.